Eucalyptus honey 400 gr - 10% DISCOUNT -
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Eucalyptus honey 400 gr - 10% DISCOUNT -

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Eucalyptus honey, produced in the areas of Palermo, Ennese and Nisseno in the months of July and August, is characterized by its color medium amber, in the crystallized it tends to gray, for its odor intense, strong, characteristic, pungent, intense of the eucalyptus flowers and its flavor strong. It is a balsamic honey with beneficial properties for the laryngeal-pharyngeal tract.
Further information:
Crystallization: fine-grained and compact consistency.
  • Big Italian Honey Competition G.Piana 3 Golden Drops 2004: 1 Golden Drop
  • Honeys competition of Mediterranean production in Sortino (Syracuse) year 1999

The Sicilian Black Bee is a Slow Food Presidium