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Pasticceria Sferruzza was born in 1980 in Castelbuono in one of the symbolic squares of the town, Piazza Miná Palumbo, the Piazzetta.

The history of the bar is also the story of Giuseppe, the father, who emigrated to the United States in 1968 out of necessity, but motivated by a single desire: to return to his native country.

From the commitment of Antonio and Giovanni, the small bar, with its 40 years of history and experience, is transformed into an artisan pastry shop, now deeply rooted in the Madonite gastronomic culture.

Specializing at first in the art of pastry and ice cream and shortly after in the production of leavened products, the Sferruzza brothers aim to delight the palates of their customers with high quality products, made with excellent raw materials, respecting all the phases of the production process that give it authentic craftsmanship.  

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