A good story, like pasta

The history of Ucciardone pasta is a good one.
Good as only pasta can be, good because it is the wise fruit of ancient traditions and modern social values.

This story is an open book that is written day after day, all thanks to the Ucciardone prison, thanks to the pasta masters and thanks to those who appreciate and value the work of the latter. It is good pasta because it is made by those who put their hands in the bag every day: the pasta makers are people who have made a mistake, who are following a path of re-education and who, in this difficult journey, are learning to be the architects of a good story. .

The "UCCIARDONE" project was born from the vision of the founders of the Giglio Lab company and the Director of the Calogero di Bona - Ucciardone prison in Palermo: that of creating a new independent and competitive social enterprise on the market for the production of dry durum wheat pasta of Sicily inside the prison. So in October 2017, the pasta production plant was set up at the V Section of the Ucciardone prison.

The specific objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • strengthen relations between prison, economic / productive fabric and institutions in the direction of greater cooperation;
  • promote a re-education process that passes through artisanal work and centered on the quality of products and processes;
  • insert a number between 4 and 10 prisoners in the productive fabric;
  • promote a repeatable model in other prisons;
  • create a production chain of Sicilian durum wheat pasta and ancient grains.

La mission of the project is, in fact, represented not only by the job placement of the prisoners involved and their re-education process in prison, but also and above all by the possibility of creating a new production brand that can, at the same time, spread the great quality of Sicilian durum wheat but also a strong social message. One of the initiatives of this experimental laboratory will also be to create illustrated books for children to spread the nutritional properties and the possible use of durum wheat and its derivatives.

The “Ucciardone” trademark is a trademark registered by the Calogero di Bona - Ucciardone prison and created by the company Coffice srl of Palermo.

Special thanks to Giglio Lab Srl for sources and contents of this article