Reflection of an artist - the Myth of the Gorgon -

Each legend - for better or for worse - carries within itself the identity character of a territory. Its roots lie in the conscience of a people, and trace the boundary within which - as a regulating principle - it is possible to move and articulate every interpretation or vision.

Every action - present or future, material or immaterial - finds nourishment and food for thought in the legend.

 Its fruit, as an extreme evocative impetus, modifies its appearance by reviving it and at the same time prevents oblivion.

It will be narrated that in an indefinite time, circumscribed by a place, an unusual sequence of events took place.The story, handed down and shared, is charged with a mystical aura at each communicative passage, until it rises to substantial, incontrovertible truth.

It always happens by chance or by will that elements of an indistinct nature, in the form of plants, animals or things, pushed by occult forces, conflict with each other, triggering, in the struggle, aberrant and unusual changes of form.

The legend will find in the new keepers of the message a colorful other universe, interpreted and expressed with a renewed palette of colors.

The legend permeates the places and the life of each of us, to the point of suggesting behavioral models - personal and social - to be implemented. It suggests the way, warns us, and reminds us who we are.

Often the narration springs from the myth grafted as a story, to be then adapted to the new interpretative needs.

So that a representation like the Gorgon, already defined in the myth as the one who dissuades and prevents you from entering a place, will vote, once conquered and assimilated, to become protector of the engulfed invader.

 By the Master of Art Filadelfio Todaro.