The Legend of the Moor's Head

The Moor's Heads, wonderful ceramic vases depicting the face of a man and a woman, have nowadays become design objects and furnishing accessories for both interiors and exteriors. Behind these masterpieces, authentic symbols of Sicilian culture and art, lies a legend set in the splendid Palermo, which has a beautiful girl and a young Moor as protagonists.
Legend has it that around the year 1100, the period of the domination of the Moors in Sicily, in the Kalsa district, there lived a beautiful girl who spent her days taking care of the plants on her balcony.


One day a young Moro was passing by and as soon as he saw the girl, intent on watering the plants, he was fascinated by so much beauty and did not hesitate to declare his love to her. The girl was struck by that intense ardor and returned the promise of love with passion, happiness soon gave way to the pain of a betrayed love, as the young girl learned that her beloved would soon leave her. to return home where his wife and children were waiting for him. The girl, destroyed by pain and blinded by jealousy, decided to take revenge and taking advantage of the night when the young man was resting, consumed his revenge. He killed the Moor and cut off his head, creating a vase with it, to be displayed outside on the balcony, where he placed a basil sprout inside.
Every day the girl's tears bathed the plant that was growing more and more flourishing and whose scent intoxicated the whole neighborhood, so the envious neighbors decided to make terracotta pots in the shape of a Moor's Head.