Biography of an artist - Filadelfio Todaro -

Filadelfio Todaro was born in San Fratello in 1964 and works as a painter, sculptor and ceramist in Santo Stefano di Camastra (ME), a well-known town for the production of artistic ceramics.

After having attended the Art Institute for Ceramics of S. Stefano, he obtained a diploma in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. He teaches art education, visual education and design at the Art Institutes of Monreale and Palermo.

In 1990 he founded the “Val Demone” company for the production of artistic ceramics. Moving in a particularly conservative market, he uses innovative elements within his works in order to subvert canons settled over time. It introduces elements of eighteenth-century sculpture into the Sicilian ceramic tradition, and the shape takes over the majolica and decorated surface. In 1997 he chose to resume the plastic values ​​of sculpture as a personal and circumscribed research, founding the individual firm "Filadelfio". From this experience, aesthetically innovative forms will arise, straddling pure artistic research and ornamental function. In this phase he experiments with materials and techniques that are foreign to tradition, such as stoneware, white body and porcelain.


(In the photo some of his works of art present on our e-commerce)

The artist believes that expressive contents can and must also pass through the forms and functions that the objects themselves suggest. Designing therefore becomes a relationship between the author and the material.

National and international exhibitions specialized in the applied arts sector:

  • Palermo
  • Frankfurt
  • New York
  • Naples
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • Firenze
  • Malmo
  • Milan
  • Dubai 

In addition, some of his works are exhibited as permanent in the Nuremberg museum and the MUDIS of S. Stefano di Camastra.

Recent sculpture exhibitions:

  • Messina, “Elegies in white”, 2012
  • Spadafora, “Shape and Color”, 2015
  • Stefano di Camastra, “Turned sculpture”, 2016

National urban works:

  • Stairway and small square in the town of Giardini Naxos
  • Monument to migrants in the municipality of Castell'Umberto
  • High reliefs on the history of the Ventimiglia family in Geraci Siculo

Finally, the ceramic production of Filadelfio Todaro has been repeatedly attention by specialized magazines in the furniture and tourism sector, such as Brava Casa, Casaviva, Panorama Travel and AD, from whose pages he has been able to expose his aesthetic vision. The merit of this artist is in fact having experienced a happy union between the artisan tradition and the plastic instances of his time, testified by a current production of artistic ceramics, distributed both in Italy and abroad.